Top 10 Most Promising Sales Technology Solution Providers - 2021

Top 10 Most Promising Sales Technology Solution Providers - 2021

In this ever-connected world, sales managers and sales groups continuously interact with their screens, devices, apps, and online tools. Technology in sales is massive, and it depends on the sales team to harness its power properly to reinforce sales effectiveness. These technological developments disrupt the sales system and equip sales groups with additional tools to best optimize their performance whereas creating sales additional strategic and efficient.

The sales team acts smarter by embracing technologies that yield the best possible performance and productivity. Mobile apps are a superb platform increasing sales productivity, and with the right apps, the sales team will keep connected to their most significant sales tools, regardless of wherever they are.

Technology trends like Internet of things (IoT) and Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) continue to make ground for their importance in providing customers with direct personal experience. These latest technologies are especially significant for companies that depend on the visual impact to propel sales growth.

According to MarketsandMarkets, the global sales intelligence market is expected to reach $3.4 billion by 2024, rising at a market growth of 11.4 percent CAGR during the forecast period.

Our magazine team CIOReviewIndia did a lot of research on this one and made a list of the companies who are leading the industry with Sales Tech Solutions. With the help of veterans, VCs, top leaders in this field, the list “Top 10 Most Promising Sales Technology Solution Providers - 2021” has been prepared. In this issue of magazine we are publishing the listing to create a circle of information about Sales Tech Solution Providers which is authentic and useful.

We present to you CIOTechOutlook Top 10 Most Promising Sales Technology Solution Providers - 2021.

Top 10 Most Promising Sales Technology Solution Providers - 2021

Cover Feature
Company Name Company Description
Peel works "The company has dedicated to understanding and solving corner store issues. The companies direct tie ups with leading grocery brands makes it convenient for traditional grocery retailer to source...
Company Name Company Description
BuyerForesight Filling the gap of delivering a highly-qualified sales conversations for B2B tech companies with increasingly selling to line of business leaders instead of IT.
Atmax One of the most data-driven processes addressing attrition & improve performance. And providing solutions to organizations that want to become smarter in retaining the right people and giving the...
C2L BIZ An insurance industry focused leading SaaS Cloud-InsurTech Solution provider having range of innovative and state of the art InsurTech solutions. C2L BIZ’s SymbioSys SaaS Suite complements...
Denave Envisions to fill the void in the industry of service provider that can provide end-to-end sales enablement solutions with clear focus on revenue acceleration, ROI optimization and measurable impact.
Iorta Technology Solutions The company connects people, processes and devices together into a homogeneous ecosystem and sets new standards for businesses functioning which industry leaders not only approve of, but depend on...
Sales Support App An Android or IOS based application which is accessed by paper free sales professionals for reports and other sales activities.
Streamz Streamz team is on a mission to transform the way companies invest in every ‘person’, by building the world’s most engaging, impactful and scalable sales readiness platform.
Talisma The company serves a variety of industries through its wide range of vertical specific solutions and delivers a combination of advisory/consulting and support services.
Vxceed The team is dedicated to the delivery of exceptional customer experiences at every opportunity, through its cutting edge products and unrivalled thirst for innovation.